Providing a better solution today so you won't have to deal with a problem tomorrow

Cobweb Networks, LLC has come through a lot of changes throughout the years from starting as a home based computer business that provided simple computer hardware/software upgrades to residential clients.  Hence the name that started in 1997 as Simple Upgrades as an ABN (Assumed Business Name.)  In 2004 the business went through a name change to Cobweb Networks, LLC based on the complexity of the business and services provided.

We now service the commercial client market due to the demand and business needs. We are very loyal to our customers and do anything it takes to make sure the job is done right.  While making sure the solutions make sense for the clients budget and business vision.  We still service residential clients with reliable e-mail hosting plans and home based computer diagnosis and technology installations. 

Client Service Contracts Offered...
We have established many customized client service contracts to support the daily tasks to take away the worry.  Having someone reliable to call and respond in a timely fashion is what we take pride in.  Finding the right IT Professional is like trying to find a qualified and reliable Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic, or any other Professional.  Customized service contracts could include monitoring, patch management, remote service, maintenance, upgrades, or specific onsite services.

Why the Cobweb Networks Name and our Philosophy... 
Most often Information Technology changes that include network configurations, upgrades, and/or maintenance are completed after hours from simple to complicated tasks. We believe in keeping the business running without disruption so the majority of maintenance and/or upgrades are completed after hours at no additional charge, that's just what we do!

It's a different approach, but at Cobweb Networks we work around your schedule, not what's convenient for us!  Information Technology has shifted as a business partner to work in parallel to fulfill your mission so you're not worrying about technology, Let us take on the worry!


Cobweb - Dictionary

Cobwebs are complex images that tend to reflect the very complexity of living shown in their design. As a dream symbol, cobwebs also reflect time-distortions. Inspecting the intricate and complicated nature of a cobweb implies great care and time in its construction; however, a web can appear overnight in full detail, as if the spider creating it had time on its side.

Synonyms:  Fiber, filament, gossamer, labyrinth, mesh, net, network, snare, tissue, toil, web, webbing